I predict this will impact many students for years to come


The pandemic has caused many educational disruptions to prevail. While I am not a demographer nor a sociologist, I am a highly experienced educator. I am also a mom. These factors have enabled me to build my capacity to analyze circumstances related to students and learning as I forecast relevant outcomes. With all these elements considered, I believe that a phenomenon that I exclusively refer to as the

“Covid Learning Gap”

will become pervasive in our national and global society long after the pandemic has dissipated. This refers to the gaps in the demonstration of student of knowledge due to…

We may be confronting a rougher period in the United States because we have become so divided


Fathers who assume multi-faceted responsibilities within their home when no mother is present must be included in Mother’s Day observances.

Instances of dads being only parents to their children are more prevalent than we realized in our society. Whether through the death of a spouse, divorce, abandonment, or other factors, many dads raise their children alone.

As we set aside one special day in the United States to celebrate all that mothers mean to their children and their families, we must also remember the men who assume the role of mother within their families as they also remain the dad…

Not just one week out of the year


I was a classroom teacher for thirteen years before spending most of my career as a school administrator. Thirteen simultaneous years were also spent serving as a part-time professor while also serving as a school leader.

Teachers choose their profession for very concrete reasons. Certainly, seeking recognition is not one of them. Instead, teachers desire to positively impact the lives of children and youth by providing them with the best educational experience they can give. Teachers are also content experts and have a strong capacity to share their knowledge with their students. …

It’s time for resuscitation efforts to be activated


Several schools throughout the United States were confronted with unspeakable challenges day after day and school year after school year long before the pandemic poured devastation upon humanity. Things like under-funding, the achievement gap, student disciplinary concerns, low levels of parent involvement and participation, school safety, poor recruitment efforts that failed to attract the most qualified as well as diverse educators, staff shortages due to financial constraints represent some of the ongoing struggles teachers and school leaders always dealt with. There was no relief.

Sadly, the pandemic has complicated these and many other educational issues.

As a former teacher and…

I am celebrating my anniversary month as an educational writer.

Here is the link to the first story I published on this platform.

While it seems like it took me an extremely long time to complete this two-minute read, pride overshadowed me when it was finally finished.

As I reflect on my time as a writer since April 2019, I have remained true to my mission to ignite family engagement in education. I have also remained diligent in responding to educational and interpersonal issues that I was compelled to by speaking my truth as a writer.

It delights me to…

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

l am a family engagement influencer, author, educator, CEO, YouTuber, mom, and Christian who speaks truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

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