I predict this will impact many students for years to come


The pandemic has caused many educational disruptions to prevail. While I am not a demographer nor a sociologist, I am a highly experienced educator. I am also a mom. These factors have enabled me to build my capacity to analyze circumstances related to students and learning as I forecast relevant outcomes. With all these elements considered, I believe that a phenomenon that I exclusively refer to as the

“Covid Learning Gap”

will become pervasive in our national and global society long after the pandemic has dissipated. This refers to the gaps in the demonstration of student of knowledge due to…

We may be confronting a rougher period in the United States because we have become so divided


These bogus ideas will destroy parent and school partnerships


Positive parent and school partnerships are beyond important because many benefits result. Here is a link to a story about this that I wrote about:

Reading it will help you understand what all of the benefits are.

There are many schools in various places that do not struggle with parent participation. But, that isn’t the case everywhere. A lot of educators reach a professional breaking point because of the number of mothers and fathers who are absent from the educational process. Sadly, this lack of engagement adversely impacts the overall school-related success of many students.

Educator frustration causes them to…

I am trying to figure out how to break my daughter’s bad habit


I have a problem. As an only parent, my life has always been filled with busy days, hours, and minutes. I have never had the continuous luxury of spending a lot of time at home doing what the traditional stay-at-home mother or the contemporary stay-at-home parent did and does as it relates to meal preparation.

Before I took an early retirement, I had an extremely demanding career as a school and district level administrator and adjunct professor. I balanced my professional obligations with motherhood. That meant a lot of driving including taking my daughter to my parents home for child…

Sometimes it’s hard for them to play an active role in their child’s education


A lot of parents get it. They realize that the children of moms and dads who regularly communicate with teachers, who are visible at school functions, and regularly promote learning at home are better students. That means that these students earn higher grades, their school attendance is more consistent, behavioral concerns are decreased, and the list of other positive outcomes continues.

Despite this knowledge, the reality is that sometimes it’s just hard for parents to remain involved in their child’s education both at home and at school. Some parents are unable to do it for many different and very personal…

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The pandemic has resulted in educational disruptions that adversely impacted student learning. Sadly, the devastating results of instructional and learning inconsistencies and interruptions will remain long after the pandemic subsides.

I exclusively named this phenomenon the “Covid Learning Gap”. Additionally, I provide educators with guidance as it relates to understanding how a broad range of students from schools everywhere will be affected by the covid learning gap. I present ten realities about this growing problem in this article.

Thank you for sharing your time with my thoughts to gain a deeper understanding of the covid learning gap.

Here is my…

We must learn to listen


My life is meticulously prioritized. As an only parent, responding to the needs of my child is what is most important to me. Fulfilling my mission to ignite family engagement in education is my secondary function in life. However, sometimes it must become my tertiary obligation because as the popularized saying goes,

“life happens”.

As I have worked through these priorities, I have been feeling physically and intellectually sluggish in recent months. My ability to write and consistently produce published stories and perform other activities that I consider routine have been impacted. …

Exorcising wounds from the events of the recent past are necessary


The entire world witnessed what happened for over nine minutes in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020. The racism that has been historically interwoven into every fiber has made the United States a national tapestry that has endorsed all forms of blatant and subtle injustice, bigotry, prejudice, inequity, hatred, discrimination, inequality. Proof of these social atrocities was the savage murder of George Floyd.

The Rewind

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen

As a mom, family engagement influencer, educator, author, and Christian, I write to speak my truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

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