I predict this will impact many students for years to come


The pandemic has caused many educational disruptions to prevail. While I am not a demographer nor a sociologist, I am a highly experienced educator. I am also a mom. These factors have enabled me to build my capacity to analyze circumstances related to students and learning as I forecast relevant outcomes. With all these elements considered, I believe that a phenomenon that I exclusively refer to as the

“Covid Learning Gap”

will become pervasive in our national and global society long after the pandemic has dissipated. This refers to the gaps in the demonstration of student of knowledge due to…

We may be confronting a rougher period in the United States because we have become so divided


This celebration is not just for males!


The impact that a father plays in the lives of their children and family cannot be quantified. All the love, support, guidance, and strength that fathers provide sustain their loved ones.

These days the role of a parent cannot be exclusively defined by their gender. Images of the diverse responsibilities they assume within their home affirm the reality of this. Here are a few examples:

  • Videos have been circulating on social media platforms of fathers mastering the art of styling the hair of their little girls.
  • Mothers coach various athletic teams that their children participate in.
  • Fathers play dress-up with…

But survived to share my story in poetic expressions

This Introduction Is My Backstory

A false assumption exists as it relates to one’s career path. It is presumed that if an individual receives a quality education, is well-trained, maintains an unblemished work history, and is a dedicated employee that upward mobility remains within their reach. While that uplifting narrative is accurate for most goal-oriented and driven professionals, sadly it remains inaccurate for others.

I represent an example of the percentage of highly qualified professionals, who cannot be quantified, that never reached their career goals. I aspired to become a superintendent of schools because I had the desire to empower and enrich the lives of…

Congratulations Simone Biles

This brief story will not review all the honors that Simone Biles has captured in her lifetime as a competitive gymnast. My purpose for writing this article about her is not to recap all of her victories.

The purpose is to celebrate the greatness of Simone as a phenomenal athlete and positive role model. For young aspiring female and male gymnasts alike, she is held in high esteem because she represents a figure that can be looked up to with pride. …

Parents need a plan


The pandemic not only devastated life as we once knew it to be, but it also ravaged systems of education. When schools abruptly closed in March 2020 and moved to a virtual instructional delivery system of learning, many students failed to keep pace. A lot of learners could not keep up because they did not have devices or internet connectivity. Those whose families were consumed by the grief of the health crisis did not prioritize education as important for some time. Some parents did not hold their children accountable for attending online classes with a high level of regularity.


Today would have been the 88th birthday of my father, Mr. Tellie Vereen, Jr.

Even though he was a man of few words, I miss the supportive encouragement he continuously provided to me and my daughter. He was eager to make selfless sacrifices to give us happiness.

I am thankful that God chose me to spend his final moments of consciousness with him during these brief moments together. This precious time affirmed that we were joined by mutual and unconditional love.

My father’s love for me was confirmed because the final words that he spoke were

“I love you, too Deb”.

My father’s devotion continues to encourage me to live a life filled with purpose like his was and one that I know he would be proud of.

Here is a tribute I wrote about his life.

Some teachers are racist and get away with it


I was beyond horrified when I heard it. The teacher who called a Black student a racial slur in front of their entire class did not know that I was making a formal observation in a classroom next to the hall where they and their students took a restroom break.

When the teacher made the racially charged comment to the student with melanin-rich skin, the child was dancing in line with their peers and chuckled because they had never heard the word before. Most of the younger students who were predominantly Black who were standing near the teacher also laughed…

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen-Family Engagement Influencer

l am an author, educator, CEO, YouTuber, e-learning course provider, mom, and Christian who speaks truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

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