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Family engagement is a critical issue in education today. It refers to the mutual dedication, cooperation, and support that educators, parents, and other caregivers share as students are being educated. Whether the school is a traditional public, charter, faith-based, private, cyber, or independent facility, parents and educators must be determined to work together as a team to support the growth and development of children and youth.

The process of building genuine parent and school relationships requires effort. Educators need to take the lead in developing partnerships with parents and other family members who are caregivers. …

And parents are the offender

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As a family engagement influencer and YouTube content creator as well as subscriber, I recently reached my breaking point. I will now devote some of my efforts to stopping the exploitation of physically disabled and severely ill children on social media platforms by their parents.


My heart goes out to infants born with dreadful physical health conditions and physical defects that range from mild to profoundly severe. Compassion absorbs me when children of all ages and teenagers endure the effects of these disabilities and other incurable health conditions that affect the quality of their lives. The impacted babies, children, and…

I predict this will impact many students for years to come

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The pandemic has caused many educational disruptions to prevail. While I am not a demographer nor a sociologist, I am a highly experienced educator. I am also a mom. These factors have enabled me to build my capacity to analyze circumstances related to students and learning as I forecast relevant outcomes. With all these elements considered, I believe that a phenomenon that I exclusively refer to as the

“Covid Learning Gap”

will become pervasive in our national and global society long after the pandemic has dissipated. This refers to the gaps in the demonstration of student of knowledge due to…

We may be confronting a rougher period in the United States because we have become so divided

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A community engagement reminder.

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I live in a revitalized historic residential community of a major city that borders the Downtown area. Residents take pride in this exclusive urban area. Sadly, outsiders do not.

In their quest to park vehicles without paying fees to rush to cultural, entertainment, and recreational venues, non-residents always violate parking ordinances. The local parking authority has remained very inconsistent in holding violators accountable by issuing citations or towing illegally parked vehicles away. This has become more problematic throughout the pandemic. This issue has also grown into a much larger one.

The drivers of many different huge tractor-trailers including those that…

But I lived through my most embarrassing moment as a school principal.

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I have a great sense of humor but never infuse it into my writing. Here is my first attempt.

After a very long and stressful day of work as a school principal, I rushed to drive to the funeral home before the visitation hours were over. The confusing directions made my travel challenging.

Pleased that I finally made it in time yet out of breath from my brisk walk into the memorial chapel and up to the casket of the deceased, I could not believe the words that I uttered…words that slipped out of my mouth. …

Family and community engagement have.

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The Backstory Is the Introduction

Resilience, true grit, self-discipline, motivation, raw talent, pure dedication, hard work, and sheer determination are some of the life-changing qualities that it takes to become a highly accomplished athlete in any sport. However, much more is needed for gifted athletes to compete at the international level during the prestigious summer Olympic games.

History records are filled with stories about countless Black athletes who made it. They were Olympians. These notorious men and women included talented athletes like Jesse Owens, Wilma Rudolph, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Dominique Dawes, and Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith-Joyner.

Their talents were no different than the current stories we have…

There’s no easy way to mourn the death of a loved one.

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I recently read a heartfelt message from a social media post about the struggles a friend has been having as they grieve the passing of their mother. Even though the first anniversary of the passing of their loved one is approaching, the emotional turmoil enshrouded with sorrow is still very palpable for them.

In response to their impassioned reflections, beautiful sentiments, and lovely memories of their beloved mother, I shared the following words of comfort with them:

“Yes, it (grief) is a process that I think is beyond our control. …

I want to personally reach out to you.

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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you. No matter what time of the day it is that you are reading this personal message that I have written especially for you, I hope your day is being filled with pure goodness.

I wish it was possible for me to sit down with each of you to have a cup of coffee to chat about those things that are important to each of us and those things that matter so that our world will become a much better place for us all.

Despite the inability to be able to do…

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen-Family Engagement Influencer

l am an author, educator, CEO, YouTuber, e-learning course provider, mom, and Christian who speaks truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

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