The School District Was Wrong

…For Telling Parents That They Better Pay Their Lunch Bill Or Their Children May Be Placed In Foster Care

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The Backstory

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Concerning Fact About The Wyoming Valley West School District

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My Visit To The Country Church

  1. Compassion must be demonstrated during interactions with those who have made minor mistakes through kind and respectful responses.
  2. Despite the wrong that a person commits, there must be a concern for and care about their humanity. Kindness and goodness must override their error.
  3. Forgiveness, the most important attribute, is synonymous with mercy. Leniency must be extended to individuals who are at fault to enable them to make positive strides as they move forward so that past mistakes will not be repeated.

Solutions To The Wyoming Valley West School District Dilemma

Solution One

The information embedded in the sermon preached by the Iowa pastor initially reflects the wrong approach that the Wyoming Valley West School District took in in shaming delinquent parents into paying the lunch bills. Conversely, the address shared by the pastor accentuated a more powerful and positive approach that the district could have taken in dealing with their outstanding lunch debts.

  1. While the district was within their right to collect the lunch money that was owed to them, they should have endeavored to understand the reasons why their families did not pay their bills. Simply asking the parents while contacts were made to them if they had the ability to pay the outstanding amount would have let the families know that the district was concerned about their financial struggles.
  2. The school district could have reassured the families by letting them know that they cared about them. This encouragement would have motivated the delinquent parents to do their best to resolve their bills.
  3. The school district could have been honest with their community and solicited their support is resolving the debts. Had the district let leaders within the region know that some parents did not have the ability to pay for their debt, neighborly stakeholders who had the capacity to pay would have helped. Most significantly, when people, including the business leader who ultimately paid the debt out of the goodness of his heart offered to do so, the district should have been willing to immediately accept the payment offers with a spirit of gratitude instead of promoting their resistance. This would have demonstrated their capacity to forgive the parents instead of punishing them.

Solution Two

Despite the fact that the Wyoming Valley West School District announced that they were applying for a five year federal grant that may enable them to pay for all student lunches in the future as a result of the negativity that erupted due to their error in sending the derogatory letter, they should, along within every other school district in the United States, ensure that all student receive free meals at school.

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