Ten Realities About the Covid Learning Gap

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The pandemic has resulted in educational disruptions that adversely impacted student learning. Sadly, the devastating results of instructional and learning inconsistencies and interruptions will remain long after the pandemic subsides.

I exclusively named this phenomenon the “Covid Learning Gap”. Additionally, I provide educators with guidance as it relates to understanding how a broad range of students from schools everywhere will be affected by the covid learning gap. I present ten realities about this growing problem in this article.

Thank you for sharing your time with my thoughts to gain a deeper understanding of the covid learning gap.

Here is my golden ticket that helps me accomplish my mission.

Dr. Deborah M. Vereen is a retired Teacher and School Administrator. Her website is www.Drdeborahmvereen.com and her YouTube Channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1DPhBeA29UlybU9jzDkdQ

l am a family engagement influencer, author, educator, CEO, YouTuber, mom, and Christian who speaks truth. Visit my website at: www.Drdeborahmvereen.com .

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